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      來源:http://www.loli101.com 時間:2022-01-25

      The requirements for the variety, material, specification and quantity of wood in the construction of anti-corrosion wood trestle must be consistent with the requirements of the construction drawings. No decay or moth eaten phenomenon is allowed for boards and wood squares, and no crack is allowed on the shear surface of the connection.
      The knots used for the construction of anti-corrosion wooden trestle are not suitable to be too concentrated and live knots are not allowed. The moisture content of logs or square timber used in the construction of anti-corrosion wood trestle shall not be greater than 25%, and the moisture content of wood structure shall not be greater than 18%.
      Anti corrosion, insect prevention and fire prevention treatment shall be constructed according to the design requirements.
      Plank road was also called "stack Pavilion" in ancient times, which was a great invention in ancient transportation. Because the wood used for outdoor construction has basically been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, which is our common anti-corrosion wood garden plank road.
      It is understood that the anti-corrosion wooden plank road is processed with preservatives. As we all know, whether the preservatives are harmful to the human body and what kind of preservative processing and construction and installation should be selected to be safer. I'm afraid these are the issues that consumers are more concerned about.
      Nowadays, ACQ-D, C and B wood preservatives are mostly used in the anti-corrosion wood trestle. The anti-corrosion wood garden trestle processed with this preservative has passed the environmental protection standard, and its toxicity is greatly reduced. Therefore, you can buy it at ease.
      In the process of anti-corrosion wood plank road, another important advantage is anti-corrosion, and the anti-corrosion wood floor can effectively prevent microbial erosion and moth eaten. At the same time, it is waterproof and anti-corrosion. Therefore, it can withstand the harsh outdoor environment without taking care of it. It can also ensure the service time and service life in outdoor construction.
      If there is a demand for the installation of anti-corrosion wood trestle, what are the advantages of the installation of anti-corrosion wood trestle? The construction organization design of wooden plank road provides visitors with a place to walk, rest and view.
      It is understood that the wood materials used for the installation of anti-corrosion wood trestle have certain elasticity and rough texture. Therefore, when visitors walk on the trestle, it will be more comfortable than the trestle made of ordinary reinforced concrete.
      木棧道的表面平鋪的面板或者是有一根根密集排列的木條組合而成的, 防腐木棧道安裝所用的木面板常用桉木、柚木、冷杉木、松木等等這些木材,它的厚度需要依據下部木架空層的支撐點間距來確定,通常來說木棧道上面的板材都是三到五厘米的厚度,板寬大約在十到二十厘米之間的厚度。
      The surface of the wooden trestle is paved with panels or a combination of densely arranged wooden strips. The wood panels used for the installation of the anti-corrosion wooden trestle are usually eucalyptus, teak, fir, pine and so on. Its thickness needs to be determined according to the spacing of the support points of the empty layer of the lower wooden frame. Generally speaking, the plates on the wooden trestle are three to five centimeters thick, The width of the plate is about ten to twenty centimeters.
      Shandong Jinan antiseptic wood flowerpot focuses on providing you with fresh industry information. For more questions and wonderful contents, please pay attention to our website: http://www.loli101.com , we will have more wonderful content for you