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      Because these places have sufficient space, most of them are designed with anti-corrosion wood pavilions, but the common feature of these places is that they can not shade from the sun and rain. The anti-corrosion wood pavilions have to withstand the sun and rain all day. In order to avoid the corrosion of flower racks, the anti-corrosion wood pavilions are made of anti-corrosion wood
      Ten Mile One Pavilion is probably the most common urban planning model in ancient times. Because of the underdeveloped transportation in ancient times, most people can only choose to travel on foot or by carriage. Therefore, the pavilion has become a warm place for long-distance tourists to rest or shelter from the rain and wind. Although there are few complete ancient pavilions left, the pavilion has always been integrated into modern people's life with such utility value, Nowadays, it is not difficult for you to find that most of the anti-corrosion wooden pavilions, whether in parks and scenic spots, or in their own courtyards, are still made of wood. In addition to the rest of the original workers, their utility is also endowed with more significance in terms of aesthetic value
      There are many styles of antiseptic wood pavilions, which can be magnificent, colorful, simple, solemn or elegant. According to the use occasions of antiseptic wood pavilions, antiseptic wood pavilions can be divided into Park Garden pavilions, square pavilions, modeling pavilions, leisure pavilions and rain proof pavilions.
      Some companies will also create a place for employees to smoke or chat after dinner - antiseptic wood Pavilion. Parks and public places will also provide antiseptic wood pavilions for tourists to rest. Moreover, antiseptic wood Pavilion can increase the beauty of the scenery and has both shape and function. Therefore, antiseptic wood pavilions are mostly used in parks, communities, large amusement parks, shopping malls, public places, etc.
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