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      We should be familiar with preservative wood. Traditional wood is often affected by the environment and presents corrosion phenomenon in the process of application. With the development of science and technology, anticorrosive wood has emerged. Today, I'm going to talk about the topic of antiseptic wood with us. There are many finished products of antiseptic wood. What should we pay attention to when buying antiseptic wood products?
      Jinan antiseptic wood Pavilion is composed of antiseptic wood. The antiseptic wood has the effect of antisepsis and termite prevention after special antiseptic treatment. Because domestic preservative wood has long been imported from Finland, people are used to calling it Finnish wood. In fact, this is wrong, which is easy to be misunderstood by people who don't understand preservative wood. So, what should we pay attention to when purchasing Jinan antiseptic wood pavilion?
      1. Look at the manufacturing process of carbonized wood Pavilion.
      At present, the manufacturing processes of carbonized wood pavilions sold on the market are different. Generally, the pavilions go through 39 processes, such as material soaking, high-temperature cooking, baking, anti-corrosion, carbonization and so on. Natural and environmental protection are also more suitable for families.
      2. Look at the appearance of the pavilion.
      The carbonized wood Pavilion is exquisitely crafted and carved. It is purely hand carved, not computer carved. Whether there is gap at the connection and inlay. There are no thorns in the places where hands can touch, such as posts, guardrails, tables and chairs.
      3. Look at the top of the pavilion. The top of the carbonized wood pavilion has a three-story design.
      Jinan antiseptic wood Pavilion
      The inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is carbonized wood tiles. Generally, glazed tiles are selected. The tile groove has the function of drainage. The three-layer design is not easy to leak and can be centered outdoors The lines of lights in the pavilion are laid before leaving the factory. There are slots in the four meter shaped beams on the top of the pavilion gourd, and there are wires in the top of the gourd
      [what is the difference between anticorrosive wood and carbonized wood]
      1. The anticorrosive wood can be painted with color paste and wood wax oil in the later stage, which can realize the anticorrosive wood of various colors. The pattern has great selectivity, while the dark background color of carbonized wood can not be changed. Compared with the anticorrosive wood, the color selectivity is relatively small, which is something you should consider when building a private garden.
      2. Differences in manufacturing processes between anticorrosive wood and carbonized wood
      a. Antiseptic wood is generally treated with special antiseptic equipment and preservatives to make the preservatives infiltrate into the wood to damage the environment parasitic on insects and enhance the weather resistance of the wood. Antiseptic wood is usually general antiseptic wood and antiseptic wood.
      b. The production process of carbonized wood is the wood treated by high-temperature carbonization technology at about 200 degrees. Because its nutritional components are damaged, it has good anti-corrosion and insect prevention function. Because its water absorption functional group hemicellulose is reorganized, carbonized wood has high anti-corrosion and insect prevention performance, but does not contain any harmful substances. Right and wrong, green and environmental protection products are widely used outdoors and indoors. Carbonized wood can be divided into general carbonized wood and carbonized wood according to the degree of carbonization.
      The difference between anticorrosive wood and carbonized wood is the difference of manufacturing process. Qualified anticorrosive wood and carbonized wood have strong anticorrosive performance.