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    來源:http://www.loli101.com 時間:2022-01-20

    1、 Advantages of flower rack anticorrosive wood
    1. Practicability of flower rack anticorrosive wood
    Flower rack antiseptic wood is made of antiseptic wood. The characteristics of antiseptic wood are antiseptic, natural, environmental protection and durability. After the antiseptic wood is made into flower rack antiseptic wood, it has light weight and high applicability due to its own characteristics, and is loved by the masses.
    The manufacture of flower rack antiseptic wood is relatively simple. It is made of antiseptic wood. After processing, it makes it more natural and beautiful, saves wood, prolongs the service life of items, saves a lot of logging resources, protects nature, and protects the ecological balance between human beings and the environment.
    2. The beauty of flower rack antiseptic wood
    Because most of the flower rack antiseptic wood is used outdoors, although the price is more expensive than ordinary wood, such antiseptic wood will last longer and is not easy to deform. Due to the processing and manufacturing of special technology, it looks more and more beautiful. After the establishment of flower rack antiseptic wood, many plants will grow. After maturity, the established structure will provide leisure and entertainment places for tourists or private people, which is pleasing to the eye.
    2、 Manufacturing method of anticorrosive wood flower rack
    1. Generally, the flower rack consists of four columns and two column rails. Other top rails shall be confirmed according to practical application. The auxiliary materials to be prepared include a bag of cement, four bags of small sandbags, outdoor weather resistant wood oil and mobile ladders. The tools to be used are fixed cutting machine, mobile cutting machine, curve saw, angle grinder, electric drill, iron drill, hammer, horizontal pipe, level ruler, shovel and trowel.
    2. Grind all preservative wood once, or touch after wood processing. First, excavate the pillar holes within the standard range. Basically, each hole can be excavated very deep. Generally speaking, it is more standardized according to the standards and requirements of anti-corrosion wood.
    The width of the hole is determined by the length and width of the column to ensure that it is the same as the 20 * 20 anti-corrosion wood column. The size of the column hole needs 40 * 40, leaving space for pouring into the cement.
    3. See a hole in the upper half of the column and open your mouth between them. This is because two columns are connected to a rung and one rung is connected to two columns. The column rung symbol is the gap of each seat in the design rung.